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16 June 1983
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i can't believe someone took my namesake on here.
(smog), al tuck, american splendor, apple computers, arrested development, atlantic canada studies, beauty and the geek, beck, bed-ins, beer, beer of the root, being there, ben folds five, breakfast, bruce springsteen, buffalo sabres, built to spill, burdocks, clem snide, concerts, cuddling, cuff the duke, destroyer, dog day, driving, edmonton oilers, eels, elvis costello, flake music, freaks and geeks, fruit bats, glasses, good will hunting, grandaddy, grilled cheese, grocery stores, grosse pointe blank, guster, halifax, hashbrowns, high fives, hockey night, holopaw, iron and wine, jale, jim bryson, jim guthrie, jimmy smith, josh ritter, kissing, leonard cohen, live music, m. ward, mario cart, mark bragg, martin tielli, medeski martin and wood, meligrove band, michael chabon, midnight choir, mike o'neill, mojave 3, movies, my morning jacket, neil halstead, neil young, oland, olivia tremor control, open windows, otis redding, out of sight, palace music, pavement, peppermint nobs, persona, philip roth, pixar movies, randy newman, record shopping, royal city, rushmore, searching for bobby fischer, shotgun and jaybird, six feet under, skiing, skip-bo, sloan, smu, son volt, spending nights in residence, stephen malkmus & jicks, study breaks, swings, the band, the black keys, the clash, the constantines, the deadly snakes, the exploding hearts, the faces, the hold steady, the inbreds, the joel plaskett emergency, the kinks, the last waltz, the m's, the museum pieces, the novaks, the old soul, the rolling stones, the shield, the shins, the super friendz, the walkmen, the weakerthans, the wire, the wrens, thrush hermit, trivial pursuit, tyler messick, uncle tupelo, undeclared, veronica mars, vinyl, walking in the rain, wandering around aimlessly, water, wilco, will oldham, wonder boys, yo la tengo